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Russian Assets. Russian Property for sale.

You want to have the own house in Russia. Or you want to have the own land in surprisingly beautiful, historically perspective and protected from possible natural cataclysms places of the Russian Federation. We will help you to find your ideal house, or a site for your ideal house. This service is not the main for our company. But we will choose to you real estate as though it was done for ourselves.

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The payment for our services makes 3% of the means invested by you.

1. Choose the region of Russia interesting You

( Central Russia, Land in Siberia, Ural mountains, Altai Mountains or any other ).

2. Tell us what real estate You want to buy: House in Russia or Russian Land.

3.Tell us your budget.

--> We will choose the best offers in this region for you. Russian Map

Just for exemple,

The site 2,000m2 (21,527.8 sq. ft.) for your house in Beautifull place of Russian Federation ( Ryazan ), 2 hours by car from International airport Domodedovo ( Moscow aiport )
Just for $10 000 USD !!!

Annual taxes: $30 per year !

For non-residents of Russia: AVAILABLE !

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